18. Nov 24, 2007.
A lecture was arranged by our organization to have Prof. Amitabh Mattoo speak on the peace process and the future Agenda. This was held at Hotel Broadway, Srinagar where only members of civil society: intellectuals' university teachers, advocates, members of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and opinion makers, were invited. No mainstream leaders or the leaders of the separatists groups were invited. There were two chief guests at the function, one being Prof. Abdul Wahid Qureshi, Vice Chancellor of Kashmir University and Prof. Siddque Wahid, Vice Chancellor, Kashmir Islamic University. The general feeling of all the members of the Civil Society belonging to different walks of life was that Kashmiri Pandits should return as they are part and parcel of Kashmiri Culture and that on their own part they are trying to create a conducive atmosphere in the Valley which will facilitate their early return.  The members of the audience appreciated the efforts of our committee and made a request that interactions should be held regularly at Srinagar for the betterment of the society as a whole.

19. January, 9, 2008.
A meeting of the Governing Council of ACRM was held  at Hotel Asia under the chairmanship of Jatender Bakshi. It was resolved that in view of the changing political and social conditions in the  Valley the name of the organization be changed from "Action Committee for Return of Migrants" to " J & K Forum for Peace and Reconciliation". The resolution was adopted keeping in mind that in future, the deliberations will be held on various options for resolving the Kashmir issue through a process of dialogue.

20. January 14, 2008.
A meeting of J & K Forum for Peace and Reconciliation was held at Press Club, Jammu to condole the death of Rafiq Sadiq, Founding Member and Vice- President. For details please refer to Press Cutting dated Jan 15, 2008 of Kashmir Times.

21. February 14, 2008.
J & K Forum for Peace and Reconciliation felicitated various persons of repute of the State, who have done spectacular work in their own fields. Dr. Farooq Abdullah was the chief guest and the function, which was held at Hotel Asia, Jammu, was chaired by Jatender Bakshi. The persons who were given awards and whose citations were read included Padma Bhushan Mian Bashir Ahmed, Padmashree Prof. Amitabh Mattoo and Mr. Devender Singh Rana. Dr. Farooq Abdullah appreciated the efforts of this Forum and commended the work done by Jatender Bakshi and all members of the Forum.

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22. 9th May 2008.
The J&k Forum for Peace and Reconciliation invited Dr. Farooq Abdullah to interact with the civil Society of Jammu In Hotel Asia, Jammu on the various concerns of Jammu and Kashmir in the emerging scenario in the Sub continent.
The members of the Civil Society  constituted University teachers, Business men  intellectuals, Chamber of Commerce, Writers House Wives and Women teachers and many others from various sections of Society. Dr Farooq Abdullah replied each and every question raised by the members of Civil Society to their entire satisfaction. For details refer to Kashmir Times dated 10th May, 2008

23. 9th June, 2008.
The J&k Forum for Peace and Reconciliation organized a Lecture on Peace Building in South Asia and Agenda for Civil Society. The main speaker was Prof. Amitabh Mattoo Vice Chancellor of Jammu university and Prof Siddiq Wahid Vice chancellor of Islamic University was the Chief Guest. An eminent Educationist Dr. Agha Ashraf Ali presided over the function. Jatender Bakshi in his Welcome address said that South Asia is a turbulent Complex region and has a prominent place in the global Map of ethnic conflicts and therefore the subject is of great importance even for J&K state.For other details please refer to Kashmir Times of June 14th 2008. 
Dr. Farooq Abdullah Interacting with the members of the Civil Society at Jammu. Seen in the Picture are Jateender Bakshi President and Parveen Anand working President
1. Press Conferences:

 A press conference was held in March 2001 at Jammu. This was followed by another Press Conference at New Delhi on 10th July, 2002. Both these press conferences were widely covered by the print and electronic media. Both these conferences focused on the need to facilitate return of the migrants by persuading the majority community to play a positive role by creating a conducive atmosphere for the same.

2. Discussions and Contact:
In the months of August and September, 2003, vigorous efforts were made by the President  Jatender Bakshi and other members to contact various leaders of APHC and others which included Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Maulavi Abbas Ansari, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mr. Yasin Malik, Prof. Abdul Gani Bhat and Mr. Shabir Ahmed Shah. All of them agreed to help us in our efforts in holding interactions at Srinagar and Jammu. ACRM also held discussions with Muslim Intellectuals and teachers of the Kashmir University.
4. ACRM arranged an interactive Session with SAFMA (South Asian Free Media Association) led by Mr.Imtiaz Alam when they were on a visit to Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistan. The audience included  people from all sections of society - journalists, professors, lawyers and representatives of the displaced Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and others. The members of SAFMA were impressed by our activities aimed at an honorable return of migrants to the Valley. They assured the audience that they would publicize the sufferings forced upon the migrants and impress upon the civil society of Pakistan the need help to create a conducive atmosphere in the Valley.

5.  The South Asian Centre at Windsor, Ontario,Canada invited our President Mr.Jatender Bakshi for a lecture on the 'Kashmir Problem' on 15th July, 2004. The session was chaired by a Senior Pakistani Journalist, Mr.Manzoor Malik. Bakshi explained the efforts made by ACRM to restore confidence between the minority and majority communities which was appreciated by one and all. The function was attended by students, teachers and social activists.

6. Jatender Bakshi was invited to attend a conference on "Jammu and Kashmir and the lndo-Pak dialogue - the Prospects Ahead" at Kathmandu, Nepal from 11th to 14th Dec.2004. The conference was organised by Pugwash and provided an opportunity to ACRM to interact with members of the Hurriyat Conference and others who also participated. As a result of this interaction the APHC (A) invited ACRM and some other important Kashmiri Pandits for an interaction on 19th July, 2005 at Srinagar. This event will be engraved in the history of Jammu & Kashmir, as the first time Kashmiri Pandits were invited by a separatist organization to discuss the ways and means for the honorable return of Migrants to the Valley.

7. Jatender Bakshi was invited to the Pugwash Conference at Srinagar on August 24, 2004, which was held at Hotel Grand Palace, Srinagar. Jatender Bakshi brought home the fact that it was in the interest of the majority community also to ensure that Kashmiri Pandits return to the Valley under conducive conditions, without which no settlement of the Kashmir Problem is possible.

8. Meeting with Interlocutor: Members of ACRM met and interacted with Sh.N.N.Vohra interlocutor of the Govt. of India in Jammu and Kashmir, and the inter-ministerial team led by Ms.Sushma Chaudhary. Our efforts to facilitate return of the displaced people were greatly appreciated and commended by them.

9. On 26th Sept. 2005 ACRM organized an interaction between
Kashmiri Migrants and the majority community at Jammu. The function was well attended and a wide range of views and ideas emerged.
10. An interactive session with Shabir Ahmed Shah and intellectuals was held on 18th Nov.2005 at Jammu. The function was presided over by Mr.Ved Bhasin. Mr.Shabir Ahmed Shah said that on his part he was trying to create the right atmosphere in the valley to ensure safe and honorable return of the migrants and he asserted his belief that Kashmiri Pandits were very much a part of Kashmiri culture.

11. A meeting was organized with Mr.Salim Jilani, Chairman J&K National Peoples Party (A Unit of APHC) at Jammu on 28th Nov. 2005. Mr.Jilani assured members of the minority community that Hurriyat will make all efforts to ensure return of Pandits with, dignity and honour. He also added that "Panun Kashmir is for all of us, the place of the Pandits is not a separate home land but in the hearts of the Muslims".

12. Our NGO held an interaction with Mirwaiz Umer Farooq Chairman All Party Hurriyat Conference, at Hotel Asia on Feb.3, 2006. The interaction was very well received and was attended by over 300 persons from all sections of civil society.

13. Jatender Bakshi, President ACRM was invited to attend a conference on Kashmir at Washington D.C. on 20th and 21st July, 2006 by Kashmir American Center at which it was resolved by the majority of the house that the majority community should create a conducive atmosphere in the valley which will facilitate the return of the migrants. Several other pressing issues relating to the Kashmir problem were discussed.

14. Lecture By Prof Amitabh Mattoo on return of Migrants

January 8,2007. A lecture on "The Return of Migrants" by Prof. Amitabh Mattoo, Vice Chancellor of Jammu University was organized at Hotel Asia, Jammu.  Dr. Agha Ashraf Ali, a renowned scholar, presided over the function. It was at this function that for the first time since migration took place that many leaders of various Pandit Organisations met on under the aegis of ACRM to debate and interact with each other and consider the possibility of the safe return of migrants to the Valley.  Prof. Mattoo came out with a novel idea of setting up a University with minority status which would create space for intellectual discussions and mutual trust between communities  and will be a good beginning for the return of migrants. This proposal was acceptable to all leaders by and large. For details, refer to Press and Media heading.
15. July 21 and July 22, 2007.
Jatender  Bakshi was invited to the Pugwash Conference at Sri Lanaka where participants included  leaders from across the LOC. All sections believed and firmly advocated that dialogue is the only process which will lead to an amicable settlement of the Kashmir Problem - a settlement which will be acceptable to all concerned parties - the people of J & K, India and Paksitan. Jatender Bakshi stressed the point that without fulfilling the aspirations of Kashmiri Pandits, no solution to the complex problem of J & K is possible.

16. July 25 & 26, 2007.
Jatender Bakshi was invited by the Kashmir American Council to participate in a two - day conference at Washington DC on the peace process. He strongly advocated for the return of migrants under conducive conditions and that no solution to the complex J&K problem would be possible without fulfilling the aspirations of Kashmiri Pandits.

17. July 29, 2007.
At Washington DC, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Govt. of Uruguay (Latin America) invited Jatender Bakshi to participate in a conference at Montivedeo, the capital of Uruguay, to consider the issues related to the Kashmir problem. At Montivedeo, Jatender Bakshi brought home strongly the point of how militants killed  innocent people of Kashmir including Kashmiri Pandits and  how human rights violation took place. This was condemned by one and all.
24. 9th June, 2008.
The J&K Forum for Peace and Reconciliation organized a Lecture on Peace Building in South Asia and Agenda for Civil Society at Hotel Broadway, Srinagar. The main speaker was Prof. Amitabh Mattoo Vice Chancellor of Jammu university and Prof Siddiq Wahid Vice chancellor of Islamic University was the Chief Guest. An eminent Educationist Dr. Agha Ashraf Ali presided over the function. Jatender Bakshi in his Welcome address said that South Asia is a turbulent Complex region and is a major force in today's world and India and Pakistan are important nations of South Asia. The benefits that will flow, from the rapprochement between India and Pakistan, will not only go to the people of J&K but will effect an overall change for better in South Asia.

25. July, 29 & 30, 2008.
Jatender Bakshi was invited by Kashmiri American Council at Washington DC to chair a session on Kashmir problem. Jatender Bakshi made it very clear to the audience that People of Jammu and Kashmir would have their way to decide their future line of action. He further made it very clear that since India is a secular, democratic country, it is only a sweet dream to visualize a separate home land. Kashmiri Pandits have to live with their Muslim brothers and sisters as they have been living before 1989. Kashmiri Pandits have to intermingle emotionally and physically with their brothers in the valley. He also made it equally clear that independence for Kashmir is also not possible, India being secular and democratic country.

26. October 30, 2008
The J&K Forum for Peace and Reconciliation felicitated Prof. Paolo Cotta-Ramusino, Secretary General of the Pugwash Conference on behalf of Civil Society of Jammu for the efforts that he has put in for the peace process between India and Pakistan. The function was organized at Amar Singh Club, Jammu. 

27. February 8, 2009.
A lecture by Professor Amitabh Mattoo on "Is Peace possible in South Asia" was organized by the Forum where Dr. Farooq Abdullah was the Chief Guest and Prof. Varun Sahni, Vice-Chancellor of Jammu University presided over the function. The lecture was attended by intellectuals and members of the Civil Society of Jammu and it was the general consensus that relation between India and Pakistan is necessary for the betterment and welfare of the common man not only this state but for the welfare of the people of both India and Pakistan.  

28. June 12, 2009
A book by Prof Suneethi Bakshi on Kashmir : The history and Pandit Women' struggle for identity was released by Dr. Farooq Abdullah at Hotel Asia Jammu. The book launch was organised by our Ngo and the review of the book was presented by Vijay Bakaya, MLC and former Chief Secretary. Dr Farooq Adullah appreciated the efforts made by Prof Suneethi Bakshi in highlighting the secular ethos in the Valley which helped the kashmiri pandit women to struggle for their identity. Dr Farooq Abdullah said that the book will serve as a document of history for the future generation. Dr Abdullah also appreciated the work of Jatendir Bakshi, the President of Ngo, in connection with the return of migrants and peace process in Jammu/Kashmir

29. July 25-26, 2009
Our president Jatendir Bakshi was invited to Washington DC by Kashmir Humanitarian lawyers for a conference on Kashmir. Our efforts to earn the goodwill of the majority community in the valley was appreciated and it was made very clear in the conference that no solution to the Kashmir is possible without the rehabilitation of migrants in the baley which will also restore the secular ethos in the Valley.

30. January 28, 2010
A delegation of ACRM was invited by HIs Excellency Governor of J&K State to find out the progress of our Ngo. The delegation was led by its President Jatender Bakshi and was comprised of Prof A.N.Sadhum Prof Zahor-ud-din, Prof B.L.Kaul, Ms Dilafrose Qazi and Vinay Thusoo. His Excellency highly appreciated the work done by our Ngo and assured the delegation that he would ensure that funds are made available so that noble work is carried forward.

31. July 29th & 30th, 2010
Jatender Bakshi was invited to Washington DC in Peace conference on Kashmir Problem.

32. 7th July 2010 to 9th July 2011
At Delhi and Faridabad, Pamposh colony, Discussions with various members of K.P.Community at their places where some upheld the view point of our NGO and some resented. Had also interaction with various members at Delhi Golf Club and the view point of our NGO was appreciated by one and all.

33. 9th December 2010 to 13th December 2010
AT NEW DELHI, NOIDA, FARIDABAD AND GURGAON: Met various members of Kashmiri Pandit Community at their places and everyone was of the opinion that something should the done for retaining the secular ethos of the Valley. Kashmiri Pandits should go back but job opportunities are lacking and hoped that P.M's package should help. Also had two interactive sessions with Press & Media people at Delhi Golf Club and majority of the people agreed that the concept of our NGO is good though some heated discussion also took place with some who were of the opinion that  homeland is the only solution for Kashmiri Pandits but everyone else agreed with the concept of our NGO.

34. 24th December 2010 and 26th December 2010
(a) Interactive session over Dinner at Presidents residence where various members of the Civil Society of Jammu Participated. Prominent members of the Civil society like Vijaya Bakaya, Ved Bhasin, Dr.Deepak Tiku, Dr.Madan, Farida Mir, Mrs.Hawa Bashir, Mohd Syed Malik, Kiran Wattal, Prof.Posh Charak Prof. Hemla Aggarwal, Dr.Sucheta Pathania, Deepika Thusoo, Dr.Monika Sethi, Vinay Thusoo, J.S.Chauhan, Dr. Danish Khan and many others were present. Each and everyone appreciated the efforts put in by our NGO in creating conducive atmosphere in the Valley which will facilitate the return of Migrants which is very essential for restoring the secular ethos in the state.

(b) Interactive session with members of the Civil Society at Amar Singh Club Jammu over Lunch. It was a gathering of about 40 people and all of them were Kashmiri pandits. Everyone expressed a desire to go back

35. 9th February 2011
J&K Forum for Peace and Reconciliation organized the Book release function at Press Club Jammu. The Book of Prof.Bhim Singh 'Blunders and wayout' was launched in a crowd of 200 members of Civil Society where Jatender Bakshi in his welcome address made people aware that Prime Ministers Package would be successful if Kashmiri Pandits accept the return with the goodwill of majority community which was appreciated mostly by the Civil Society members.

36. 25th March 2011 to 29th March 2011
At Noida, Faridabad, Pamposh Colony and Gurgaon. Meeting individual members of K.P. Community at Noida, Faridabad,Pamposh Colony Charmwood village and Gurgaon. The campaign for the return of Kashmiri Pandits was not very successful but sustained effort cannot be given up. It has been felt that homeland is the only solution but at the same time felt that return is possible if Kashmiri Muslims are receptive and most of them appreciated the efforts of our N.G.O for interactive sessions with muslims of the valley in this direction.

37. 6th June 2011
At Srinagar  Discussion with various members of the Civil Society at Amar Singh Club, Srinagar and every one appreciated the concept of our NGO.

38. 22th July 2011 to 24th July 2011
At Srinagar  Discussion with atleast 130 members of the Civil Society where the concept of NGO accepted by one and all. The President was requested by Times Now Channel from New Delhi to appear for live programme from Srinagar with many others from Delhi. The people of Kashmir by and large appreciated the statement of our President Jatender Bakshi who was successful in Washington Conference in agreeing to his high ideals of speech that Kashmiri pandits have a right to go back and no one has a right to deny this to them. This was made one of the items in Washington Declaration. The NGO received numerous telephonic calls all over the world while some mind set Kashmiri pandits sent some emails not appreciating the efforts made.
Dr. Farooq Abdullah interacting with Civil Society of Jammu on the various issue at  Hotel Asia, Jammu.
Jatendir Bakshi speaking at Pugwash Conference in December 2004
Prof Amitab Mattu, Vice Chancelor of Jammu University, delivering a lecture to various factions of Kashmiri Pandits organized by Jatendir Bakshi
Shabir Ahmed Shah, Haji Mohd Shafi of Ithadi Musalmeen and Jatendir Bakshi in an interactive session with the Civil Society of Jammu on Feb 4, 2004
Prof. Taqdes Geelani speaking on wildtation of human rights in washington DC in July 2008 while Jatender bakshi is chairing the session
Dr Farooq Abdullah speaking on the occasion of Release of Book by Prof Suneethi Bakshi at Hotel Asia Jammu. Other scene in the picture are Jatendir Bakshi, Aslam Goni, Prof Suneethi Bakshi, Dr. Mustafa Kamal and Prof Indu Kilim
Jatendir Bakshi speaking at Washington DC Conference, July 2009
His Excellency Shri N.N. Vohra, chairing a meeting of Ngo. Seen in the picture are Jatendir Bakshi, Prof Zahur-Ur-Din, Ms Dilafrose Qazi, Vinay Thussu, Prof B.L Kaul and Prof A.N Sadhu
Participants of Washington DC Conference  at Capitol Hill, Washington DC - July, 2008.
Among those seen in the picture are Bharat Bhusan, Mrs. Raja Muzafer, Ved Bhasin, Karen Parker, Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Justice Rajinder Sacher, Jatender Bakshi, Prof. Nazir Ahmed Shawl, Victoria Shephard, G.M. Zahid, Prof. Hameeda Bano, Prof. Taqdees Gillani, Raja Muzafer and many others.
11th International Kashmir Conference at Capitol Hill Washington DC.
NOTE - 1 :
The resolution dated January 9th, 2008 for the change of the name of the committee has no been effected so far as the registration of the Forum is still pending. Therefore it was resolved in the meeting chaired by Jatendir Bakshi dated 19-01-2009. The Forum will be considered as allied name of ACRN.

NOTE - 2 :
The initiatives of this organization to interact with and involve leaders of majority community and separatist organizations in the Valley in their deliberations have yielded positive results in changing their mindset towards the Kashmiri Pandit community. This has brought forth their statement for the first time on our platform that Kashmir is incomplete without Kashmiri Pandits. It is because of our sustained efforts that All Party Hurriyat Conference invited members of our community to interact with them at Srinagar at their Party Headquarters on 19th July, 2005 where warm and emotional welcome was given followed by an interactive session. This was followed by their positive statements which have created a change in the mindset of hardcore members of the majority community. We consider this as an achievement through our sustained efforts.
(Prof. B.L. Kaul )
Secretary General

39. 8th January 2012
Had interaction with some civil society members at the residence of the President where some members of civil society were invited for dinner.

40. 22nd January 2012
Had interaction with various civil society members at Chatter Singh Garden where some members of Civil society participated over dinner.

41. 18th March, 2012
Had interactive session over Dinner at the residence of the President. Members of the civil society present were Col Prabhu Singh, Mrs.Mira P.Singh, Prof. Nirojini Bhan, Rajat Chadha, Prof.Satish Bhan, Rakesh Gupta, Nimi Choudhary, Prof.Hemla Aggarwal, Rakesh Gupta, Anju Bhasin and some other members of the forum like Prof.Posh Charak, Prof.Suchechta Pathania, Dr.Monika Sethi and Mr.J.S.Chauhan.  The Chief Guest was Mr.Ved Bhasin. The meeting concluded on a positive note..

42. April 6, 2012
Had interaction with some members at Delhi Press club and later over Dinner at Delhi Golf club. After a good deal of discussion, each and every member agreed in principle that by the return of Kashmiri Pandits to the Valley, the secular ethos could be slowly restored in the State which is very important in the  National interest.

43. April 30, 2012
An Interactive Session was proposed for 30th April 2012 at Hotel Asia, Jammu where the Chief Guest was to be Dr.Farooq Abdullah. It could not take place on account of the indisposition of Dr.Farooq Abdullah, and was postponed to the middle of September 2012.  However, an interactive session was held over dinner at the residence of Jatender Bakshi. Mr.Kuldeep Khuda, the Director General of Police was the Chief Guest. Other members of Civil Society members present were M/s Ved Bhasin, Vijay Ganjoo, Rajat Chadha, Ramesh Gupta and some of the forum members and some members of civil society of Kashmir.  The interaction concluded after dinner.
44. June 23, 2012
To mark the 10th anniversary of the NGO, an Award Giving Ceremony was organized at Press Club, Jammu. Dr.Mustafa Kamal, former Minister, and MLA was the Chief Guest and the function was presided over by Jatender Bakshi, President of the NGO. Eleven awards were presented to media persons who have made invaluable contribution towards the cause of peace and restoration of secular ethos of the State. The awardees were  selected by a team of members of Civil Society after much deliberations. The awardees were M/s M.K.Bangroo senior journalist, Shabir Mujahid, Director Doordarshan Jammu, Pradeep Dutta (Times Now), Zafer Iqbal (NDTV 24x7) Sohail Kazmi (Editor-in-Chief, Daily Taskeen) Rajinder Miskeen (Take I Channel), Abhinanyu Sharma (Editor-in-Chief Daily Jagran), Afzal Shah (Kashmir Times), Anil Sharma (Daily Excelsior), Danish S.Chauhan, (Tribune) and the lone woman Ms Rekha Jamwal of JK Channel.

Dr.Mustafa Kamal presented each awardee a momento - a pen embossed with his name. He remarked that the pen is mightier than the sword. He stressed the need and importance for the return of migrants to their soil now when the situation in the Valley is more conducive than before.

Jatender Bakshi while welcoming the guests, who included intellectuals, social activists, College and University teachers announced that the function was sponsored by Dr.Qazi Shabir Ahmed in absentia.  Ms Dilafrose Qazi presented a brief history of past ten years of the NGO. The function was ably conducted by J.S.Chauhan and the vote of thanks was presented by Prof.Zahur-u-Din.

Dr. Mustafa Kamal, Former Minister presenting Award  to a well known media persion Miss Rekha Jamwal
45. Dec. 08, 2013
Various Issues including further improving Loc trading  facilities and cross LoC meetings by groups, were discussed at an interactive session organised by J&K Forum for Peace and Reconciliation (JKFPR - Allied name Action Committee For Return of Migrants) which was presided over by eminent Punjabi and Urdu writer Khalid Hussain.
Speaking on the occasion the President of the Forum Jatender Bakshi stressed the need for resolving all outstanding issues between India and Pakistan so that peace could prevail in the Valley. He said dialogue was the only process which could lead to reconciliation.
Syed Saleem Geelani, a representative of All Party Hurriet Conference, assured the gathering of Intellectuals Unversity techers and members of the Civil Society of Jammu that Mirwaiz, who was leaving for Pakistan, would convey the feelings of the members of the Civil Society to the government of Pakistan. He further asured that all the issues would be discussed by him during his visit to Pakistan. Even the issue of piligrimage to Sharda Peeth in Neelam Valley in Pakistan raised by Jatender Bakshi during the interactive session would also be taken up, he said. Bakshi said that piligrimage to Sharda Peeth was a strong demand from Kashmiri Pandits of all over the world.

Mr Khalid Hussain in his Presidential Address strongly condemed the Pakistan's repeated false assurances to government of India and wished that better sense should prevail on Pakistan for the interest of both the people of India and Pakistan. He got a thundrous applause from the gathering.

The function was conducted by J. S. Chauhan and the Vote of Thanks was ably presented by Prof. Sucheta Pathania.
Jatender Bakshi addressing the gathering
Jatender Bakshi with Khalid Hussain and Prof. B.L.Kaul
3. The first interactive session with the majority community was held in Jammu on 4th Feb.2004 at Hotel Asia. The participants included Mr.Shabir Ahmed Shah, Haji Mohd Shafi of Ithadi Musalmeen, Mr. Ved Bhasin presided over the meeting of all members of the ACRM besides members of different communities from Jammu and Srinagar. Messages received from Syed Ali Shah Gee/ani and Mr.Yasin Malik were read out, which clearly indicated that Kashmir is incomplete without Kashmiri Pandits
Mirwaiz Umer Farooq with Jatender Bakshi, Prof. Suneethi Bakshi and Prof. S.I. Malik at the residence of Jatender Bakshi before he announced for the first time that Kashmiri Pandits are invited back to Valley at the platform of Action Committee for Return of Migrants.
46. 7th April 2013
Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister released a book on Kerala by Prof. Suneethi Bakshi and said that the solution to J&K Problem will have to be found on the lines already drawn as no new lines could be drawn. The gathering constituted of illustrious gathering of prominent politicians and intelligential. He also praised the work done by the NGO and suggested that more should also be done.   Keep the photograph of book release on the side.
Dr. Farooq Abdullah Releasing a book on Kerala  Author - Prof. Suneethi Bakshi
47. 30 July 2013
Under the cultural unit of our NGO, a musical evening was organised at Chattur Singh Gardens, Jammu which carried the theme of secular ethos in the State. This was organised by Bihari Kak, Ravi Kachroo and Vijay Dhar. The gathering comprised of various sections of society and about 100 people enjoyed the musical evening. The gathering applauded the theme of the programme from time to time during the programme. The Chief Guest of the function was Mrs. Veena Wanchoo, a cultural personality from New Delhi.